Stairs Installation

Stairs are one of the first things that anyone notices when entering the front door. That is why, when giving your home or office a makeover, building new stairs or updating existing ones can be a very important improvement. It is great to update the staircase, not just to match and compliment the building, but also to ensure the safety of people living at or visiting the property, because stairs that are not level or unsafe can easily lead to serious accidents.

Deciding on Flooring

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to deciding which flooring to use for your stairs. Whether you are building a commercial staircase or a residential staircase, careful thought and planning should be exercised when choosing flooring materials.

Carpet. Carpeting is a popular choice for stair flooring. It comes in many different colors and materials. Carpeting can also be used in conjunction with wooden stairs for a classy look and safe staircase.

Tile.  Tiles make a beautiful and durable covering for stairs. If you are considering using tiles, you also have to consider the amount of use they are going to get. Choose tiles that are strong enough to handle constant pressure if the stairs are going to be in a high traffic area.

Glass. Glass stairs have now become a popular choice when designing the home or office. Glass flooring can be a stunning piece of art. Recent technology and innovation in glass and glass fittings has expanded the possibilities of this material. Glass floors add a touch of modernity and elegance and help create the illusion of space.

Hardwood. Adding wood to your home or office can change the ambience and atmosphere of your space. It gives a touch of the outdoors, offers the illusion of space and provides a relaxing and natural environment. Aside from the visual elegance of a wooden staircase, wood is a great choice for flooring because it is easy to clean and lasts longer than many other materials.

Let the Experts Do the Work

Stair installation varies widely from job to job and can be very tedious and complicated. Benefit from the knowledge and skill of a qualified professional. Here at JB Flooring, our professionals have a wealth of knowledge on the design and installation of a wide variety of staircases. Whether you are looking to install a carpeted, tiled, glass or wooden staircase, we are experts when it comes to working with all types of stairway materials.

Get that stairway you have always wanted. For more information contact JB Flooring now.