A staircase is one of the most visible parts of a home and in many cases the first thing you see when entering the front door. By converting carpeted stairs to hardwood, you can drastically improve your home’s interior design. However, stair installation costs can run quite high due to the amount of labor involved. While it’s possible for an experienced do-it-yourselfer to pull off the job, the detailed nature of solid stair installation is best left to a pro.

Typical construction stairs (those under the carpet) are design using pine building material. In order to install new solid oak stair treads that allow you to select the stain color of your choice, we must first remove the existing carpet, treads and risers as well as any handrail assembly with balusters that mount atop the treads. Next, we sand the new treads and risers smooth and install the the unfinished solid treads and risers one at a time.

Stairs have 3 major components: Stringers (the long structural framework that supports the treads and risers) Treads (the horizontal boards; the portion of the stair that you actually walk on) and Risers (the vertical sections of wood between the treads) - As the treads are stained to the color of your choice, the risers can be stained to match the treads or in most cases they can be painted to match the trim work.

Let the Experts Do the Work

Stair installation varies widely from job to job and can be very tedious and complicated. Benefit from the knowledge and skill of the qualified professional here at JB Flooring, our installers are experts when it comes to working with solid stair treads. Get that stairway you have always wanted. For more information contact JB Flooring now.