Customized and stylish houses can look great with the help of porcelain tile flooring. Their unique and well-crafted designs act as an accessory to complement your home’s theme. Contact JB Flooring for trusted and durable materials and thorough installation.

Porcelain pertains to different types of ceramic products that are baked at high temperatures to achieve a glossy finish. There are different ways to use porcelain. There are also different products made from it, such as china ware, dental crowns and porcelain tiles to name a few. Porcelain is usually white, off-white or cream in color. But nowadays, there are many methods to achieve different styles, colors and textures of porcelain. It can also come glazed or unglazed, depending on the procedure.

Porcelain tiles are made from ceramic (inorganic and nonmetallic material) and are commonly used on various surfaces of a house interior, such as the floor and walls. Porcelain flooring is one of the most highly demanded materials for residential and commercial buildings and is becoming increasingly popular. Because of this, importing and exporting of materials has grown, giving porcelain tiles more variety and design.

How Are Porcelain Tiles Made?

As mentioned above, porcelain is made from heated ceramic. The main materials needed to make such a product are silica, feldspar and clay. These are then combined to make a mixture for molding and crafting. Afterwards, the mixture is molded to its desired finish, then heated. Unlike glass, which can be tricky, clay holds its original molded shape during the heating process.

The process starts with the materials being ground using jaw crushers and other mills.  The pulverized mixture is then filtered to remove improperly sized particles. There are four processes following this and it starts with soft plastic forming, stiff plastic forming, pressing and casting. For the final step, the ceramic is heated up to produce porcelain.

Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles were first used for bathroom floors but have now evolved to being used for bedroom floors, walls and other areas within the house. There are many reasons why choosing porcelain tiles can be beneficial for you. Here are some:

  • Durability – these tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, water and other liquids, and can last for years. It is also difficult to scratch, so moving furniture around would not damage the flooring or walls.
  • Convenient – due to its smooth surface, it is easier to clean stains and other spills. Aside from that, water, food and odors do not usually cling to tiled flooring and walls.
  • PTCA – the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency can be beneficial to homeowners and business owners as they will be assured that the materials they are buying have been proven to be sturdy thanks to this Agency.

There are other benefits such as density, style and impermeability. Why wait when you can have your floors looking great with porcelain tiles? Contact JB Flooring for more details.