Over the years, stone has been used in almost all civilizations. Stone is one of the earth’s natural resources, in fact, all corners of the earth produce diversities of stone. Whether it be used in jewelry, figurines, art pieces or buildings, stone is an excellent material.

There are many stone resources around the world, from the most expensive, like diamonds, to the cheapest like the common stones we see in our backyard.

What Are Natural Stone Tiles?

We see a lot of stone tiles on the market today, but what separates these tiles from one another is that some are natural stone and others are fabricated. Some tiles are synthetically produced using cement, while natural stone tiles are made from genuine stone, recovered from all parts of the world.  Typically, these stones have different characteristics and forms, due to the different geographical locations they are acquired i.e. mountains, rivers and volcanoes.

Here are some of the types of natural stone used to make tiles for construction purposes:

Granite – this natural stone is considered to be one of the best stone tiles due to its firm composition. As a matter of fact, the only natural stones harder than granite are diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Granite is also heat and scratch resistant, making it a favorite industrial stone. It is used for pavements, fireplaces, driveways, pathways, steps and a lot more. It is also popular due to its unusual and varied patterns and colors which are aesthetically pleasing.

Marble – this is a common stone used in structures for many centuries. Even the Greeks used marble for temples, pillars and bathrooms. Marble is a hard stone but not as hard as granite. It is classified into four subtypes: Groups A, B, C and D, where A has the highest fabrication capacity making it the hardest. It is mostly favoured for use in bathrooms, kitchens or bar counter tops due to its wide variety of colors.

Limestone – unlike the perfectly imperfect shapes in granite and other stones, limestone has the most definite form and is accepted as a premier dimension stone worldwide. Although limestone wears naturally over time, the absence of artificial chemicals or materials to degrade it, mean it can improve with age.

Sandstone – this is made up of sand-size minerals of different colors. Common colors are tan brown, red, yellow, gray and white. Quartz and feldspar are two of the common sand minerals that comprise sandstone.

Slate – this is a metamorphic rock that is strong, dense and acid-resistant and has been used as a major construction material for thousands of years.

Travertine – has a similar composition to limestone but has no definite shape and is distinguished by its unique cavities. Travertine can be cut differently: vein cut, fleuri cut and cross cut to reveal different kinds of patterns, making it great for surface designs.

There are a lot more of these natural stones that are equally useful and are available on the market, such as cantera, onyx, flagstone and many more. Do not hesitate to call JB Flooring for a wide array of stone to choose from.

Pros And Cons Of Natural Stone Tiles?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best tiles for your home. Here are some of the pros and cons of natural stone tiles:


  • Variety – there is a large number of natural stone to choose from.
  • Style and color – each stone type has its unique characteristic and color that means no two stone styles are the same.
  • Durability – natural stone is very rigid and can last a long time.


  • Cost – natural stone tiles can be costly, plus installation can also be expensive.
  • Temperature – natural stone tiles have a cold surface, therefore may not be as popular in cold climates.
  • Limited chemical resistant – stone tiles are not resistant to some household acids that can be accidentally spilled on surfaces, i.e. acids can ruin the color of the stones.

When choosing tiles for your home, you might want to consider the advantages and disadvantages first. So how will you know which tile to choose? JB Flooring are experts and can help you choose the best flooring for your needs. We are committed to providing beautiful tiles for your home at a reasonable price.